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  • ☆ ☆   By Kay Nixon
    Ordered lamb kebab and I couldn’t even get my teeth in it!! Like an old leather sole. Even the dog couldn’t eat it. Definitely don’t recommend
  • ☆ ☆ ☆   By Martin Krell
    This is a very poorly run branch. I had to complain earlier this year, to Tesco head office about general rudeness and poor service. After many weeks of so called misunderstandings, via email, an area manager finally called me. She was very good with "the gift of the gab". Months have gone by, and I am still waiting for a follow up call, promised for three weeks later.No wonder the branch is badly run, if the area manager is unreliable!! I went into the shop with a friend on Saturday evening, 16th December 2017, and on us approaching the back left corner, a scruffy looking male assistant was sitting on the floor, marking up the items to be reduced. These many items (in their wrapping) were also on the dirty floor, being stacked, after repricing. How many customers ignorant of this, would have unsuspectingly, be putting these goods away, in their clean fridges etc, spreading germs around their other (maybe unwrapped by now) foods? Revolting!! In addition, there was no apology or help provided by this assistant, when my friend said he needed to get to the shelf situated behind. The assistant said nothing, didn't move, just carried on letting my friend struggle to get to the items he wanted to purchase.

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